Universal HID Single Beam

Relay Wiring Harness

with load resistors

Item specifications:
Product Code: USBRHR
Weight: 0.6 pounds
Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.1 x 2 inches
Package includes
HID Relay Wiring Harness
2 Pre-Wired Load Resistors

General information

This HID relay kit is pre-wired for plug and play and connects to both sides of your vehicle. By drawing stable current directly from the battery, it protects your factory wiring.

The wiring harness features its own inline fuse. This kit should eliminate dashboard error messages and prevent any possible flickering.

What are relays
and resistors?

This basic HID relay controller will switch power input from your factory wiring directly to the battery. Since the power is drawn directly from the battery, bypassing the factory wiring, you may increase the lifespan of the HID kit in this way.

Load resistors are electrical components, which provide resistance within a circuit, thus providing “load” on it. They should trick the vehicle into thinking that the factory bulb is being installed. Also, resistors are applied to smooth the current flow; therefore, it may prolong the longevity of the HID bulbs.


Power Rating: 40A
Coil Voltage: 12V DC


Wattage: 50W
Resistance: 6 Ohms


Male plug


Female plug



Power wire
Ground wires

(1 for each side)

Common issues
to resolve



Flickering is usually caused by aftermarket bulbs drawing less power than factory ones. The most common case is when your Daytime Running Lights are the same bulbs, which you are upgrading. If your vehicle senses a different bulb due to less power drawn, your vehicle will try to ignite the HIDs repeatedly, which will lead to flickering.

Strobe Light Effect


This effect is caused by Pulse Width Modulation used within the circuit to be commonly applied in newer vehicles. You may also experience a buzzing sound from the HID relay harness, in case you have one without resistors.

Shutting off


You may experience your aftermarket lights shutting off after a couple of seconds due to specific computer systems in the vehicle, for instance, different Can Bus systems. The lights may be consistent if your engine is not running. In most cases you will face this issue with the engine “ON”.

and compatibility

This HID Relay Harness is compatible with both 35W & 55W HID systems and all single beam bulb sizes.

Feel free to look up all compatible HID systems with this relay kit.

1 - 9.40 inches
6 - 7.50 inches
2 - 14.2 inches
7 - 62.2 inches
3 - 16.5 inches
8 - 14.6 inches
4 - 14.6 inches
9 - 13.0 inches
5 - 16.9 inches


Resistors get extremely hot.

Make sure you mount them to metal
away from any plastic, wiring
or anything that can potentially melt or burn.